Google BERT algorithm update

Google’s latest update to the BERT algorithm. Google has come up with this update to help users understand the natural language of search.

BERT algoritham

What BERT Algorithm does

Friends, Google has never said that you will use limited words when querying. As a result, when a person makes a query, his query becomes longer. Google did not know the main purpose of the user in this long query.

Google can’t understand because a word has different meanings. For example, the word “bank” usually means the place from which we transact money. But again, the word “bank” means “bank of the river”. If you write “withdraw money from the bank” then the meaning of “bank” is the same. Again if it is said “Indian beautiful bank of the river”, the meaning of the word “bank” here is different. Because the meaning of the whole sentence becomes clear by looking at the meaning of the word associated with the word “bank”.

At first, it was not possible for Google to know the purpose of the user through the long tail keyword. Now it is possible through the Bert algorithm.

No changes in requirements for this BERT algorithm in SEO. And without that, when it came, there was no change. But changes can be noticed in the case of long-tail keywords. All the update that Google has come up with so far have come with the user in mind. Now if your website’s keywords and content or pages match, then your website page rank will not go down.

In short, the Google BERT algorithm is responsible for extracting the user’s core intent from the user’s long sentences. It is also known that this update does not require any changes. There is no need to change the content writing strategy, page creation strategy or posting strategy. If you need to focus on user-friendly and unique content then the page rank will not go down.

Before BERT algorithm

Before the Google Bert algorithm came along, when a user searched for a query, it would return many results that matched it. Google Algorithm Rank Brain used to do that. Let’s clear the matter with such examples.

If a user searches, “Digital Marketing in Delhi“, then Google will show innumerable results that match this query. Depending on the user’s needs, his actual needs would be met.

After BERT algorithm

When Google updated Rank Brain in 2015, there was a huge change in the SEO industry. Before that, people use to think that keyword stuffing, more articles with keywords would increase the rank. Then slowly start looking at quality content. If you own a blog or website and rely on your business content, you need to follow the Google Burt algorithm update.

Keyboard stuffing will gradually be discontinued due to the Bert algorithm. You don’t have to pay much attention to keyword density anymore. For example, at first, people used to think of ranking pages with more keywords in the article. Now it will gradually close.

You need to pay attention to how quickly the user can answer the query coming in the search engine. Whenever you write content or post audio, video, text, blog, you need to keep in mind how quickly the results of the user’s query can be given.

Google always says that you do quality work. Quantity is not working. Bert update will not affect more than ten per cent of your queries. Most people rank the page with keywords in their content as well as take-by-keywords. But as a result of this update, this can no longer be done. You have to give exactly the content that the user wants. For example, if a user used to search for “SEO and Training Center in Noida”, then not only Noida but also the nearest result could be seen. But now it will not happen. Now the nearest result will not be seen. The result page will show exactly what the user is querying.

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