Whenever you are in danger, just “Joy Baba Loknath” keep in mind

Joy baba loknath

“On the battlefield, in the forest, in the water, in the jungle, whenever you are in danger, remember me, I will protect you”

It is true, whenever you are in danger, just “Joy Baba Loknath”, “Joy Baba Loknath”, “Joy Baba Loknath” …………, keep in mind, you will be saved from danger.

A saint who looked into the prospect of a century after his demise, he would be broadly worshipped by one and all. Well, it’s true. Presently, he is the household god of every house in Bengal. Nearly every Hindu has his idol placed in their homes. Many temples are built after him in his honour. He was the one who assured everyone that he would come to save us whenever and wherever we face problems or obstacles. Many devotees bow before him in honour and respect. Everyone respects him as a guide and lord. He is Baba Lokenath.

Birth and early life of Lokenath

The birth of Lokenath was at chakras Chakla (present-day West Bengal) in 1730 on the auspicious day of Janmashtami (birthday of Lord Krishna). He was born in a Bengali family. His family was Brahmin. The name of his father was Ramnarayan Ghoshal and his mother’s name was Kamaladevi. Lokenath’s birth name was Lokenath Goshal and he was the fourth son of his family. He was born in the 18th century. Lokenath’s father had sworn to deliver one of his children to be a saint according to the traditions of his times. When Lokenath was 10 years old, Lokenath’s father reached Pandit Bhagaban Ganguly, a residential householder yogi, to be his son’s guru. 

The father of Loknath was spiritual-minded and he invariably admired a yearning that one of his sons would be sanyasi who would salvage his era as well as humanity. After the first baby was in the womb of his wife, he proposed his suggestion to her, but his wife denied his proposal. During the period of a second child, he placed the same request but at this moment also she did not approve. During the third child, the same unfavourable utterance came out from his wife. But when the fourth son was about to be born, his wife told her spouse that he might take this child and might organize him the way he liked. At this, Loknath’s father was very happy and excited and without any hesitancy, he at once went to the home of Bhagaban Ganguly, the then great scholar and philosopher in Hindu religion in Barasat to tell him that he had arrived at him to give his son.

Bhagaban Ganguly quickly saw the light in the eyes of the small boy and at once agreed to make him his disciple. Lokenath left his home and his family and started religious and spiritual training with his teacher, Bhagaban Ganguly. His friend, Benimadhav also accompanied him in his spiritual expedition. 

In the era of the spiritual world, the title of Shree Loknath Brahmachari Baba holds the top dignity among the saints who relinquished their physique and psyche at the altar of enormous endurance to attain the salvation of life. The descendant of this great saint was the inhabitant of the province of West Bengal in Barasat, Chakla in 1730 (18th Bhadra, 1137 Bangabda) of India. 

Bhagaban Ganguly was a great Yogi in his time and he was in the chain of knowledge in religion. He gathered the knowledge that the great salvation of life could be achieved by practising “karma-yoga”. But Bhagaban only practised ” Gana-yoga”. He was at the age of sixty then it was not possible on his part to practice at that age. Bhagaban Ganguly informed Lokenath’s father about leading his son on the way of “Karma-yoga”. On the day of departure from his village, a friend of Lokenath, Benimadhav, desired to join the company of Lokenath. Benimadhav’s parents did not give their consent on this. But Benimadhav had strong determination. Finally, his parents let him go. A small celebration was held for this in their village. The next day, the villagers bid adieu to them with watery eyes.

Learnings,Spiritual training and enlightenment

Then Bhagaban Ganguly with two boys started for “Kali Ghat” in Kolkata. The two boys were 11 years old then. There they held shelter in the wilderness where so many monks did discipline the yoga. The two boys came under a disciplined life and steered their life under the advice of their educator. Guru Deb went to the nearby village to assemble food stock for all of them. He did not allow them to go to the close village for their weak mind would change to see the manner and movement of village man and woman. He would himself bring the meal and provide the two boys. Even he made the sitting place in a spot where they used to perform yoga without any activity. They used to sit in a stance and practise the procedure of yoga in order of guidance.

Lokenath moved through the most complicated yogic practices from ashtanga yoga to extraordinary accomplishments of hatha yoga while dwelling in the wildernesses and the grasslands, examining the pledge of purity and fasting. This complete yoga procedure of purifying the particles of the body and dispositions of mind took almost 30 years when Lokenath could attain the intense absorptions in the divine in intense Samadhi. At this moment, he had the visions of his earlier birth and his village where he lived. Gurudev took them to that place called Beluga in the Burdwan district, and they found that everything that he told during Samadhi was true.

Finally, they all departed for the Himalayas and there Baba reached the highest apexes of spiritual brightness and achieved the state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi, which is actual peace with the whole universe or the divine. He was 90 years old at this time of enlightenment.

The identity of Baba’s life is when Baba achieved absolute blooming, he acknowledged that his Guru was to be enlightened. Gurudev’s entire life was based only on providing new practices to his learners. He said to Lokenath that he would head to Varanasi, and there he would leave behind his human corpse and then come back in the next life to him and then Lokenath would enlighten him to the state of moksha or nirvana. That was possibly one justification why a yogi of Baba’s sculpture, who usually stays in the Himalaya mountains and trains yogis and masters to work in the plains for the liberation of the suffering and miserable humanity, did go down and live in a tiny cottage at the townlet of Baradi in Bangladesh. Baba even dwelled beyond the fated age by his endless yogic energies just to continue for his guru to be born, to grow up and to step towards the direction that baba would demonstrate him.

An another part of the originality of Baba Lokenath’s living is his travel on foot to different continents, to Mecca and Afghanistan, and western countries, and to the North Pole, glorifying the earth. He walked to all those places on foot. He finally arrived in Baradi where he lived the rest of the 26 years of his life. 

Baba Lokenath once saved Dengu Karmakar from conviction and jail. Karmakar brought Lokenath to his place for his gratefulness to baba. When Dengu died, Baba shifted to the existing day ‘Baba Lokenath Ashram’ in an area adjacent to a burial ground endowed to him by his disciples who were owners of that place. Baba announced in later years that he had erected the small house, his abbey, with his own hands with bamboo, fodder and mud. When he reached down from the peaks of Himalayas, he did not wear any clothes to cover his body, for a yogi of his dignity required no clothing, for he saw none other than himself in all others, so he was uncovered like the open sky for the need to dress up oneself comes with the presence of the other.

But after years, when he was in Baradi, his disciples gave him holy thread and clothing, which he draped around his body. As the utterances of his compassion, admiration and cure unravel far and wide people crowded to the small abbey of Baradi. Now it became the holy junction of all religious societies, particularly the varied congregations of Hindus and Muslims. He did not leave Baradi until his samadhi. During this period, innumerable  people visited him and received his divine compassion. His endless yogic energies were embodied generally whenever anyone came to him with a wailing heart for healing and fulfilment of their hopes. He was considered the mythical desire fulfilling tree. He never did any marvels, but as the scent of flowers, phenomena happened throughout his life, which became like the amazing stories of a living sage.

 Hindus and Muslims and disciples of other beliefs took refuge under his sacred existence and he indicated to them the direction of love and surrender and the yogic path of selflessness. Though this love incarnate yogi was busy during the day entertaining all the petty wishes of the people.

His Teachings 

Each Creation itself is a great Divinity

Every creature is itself a phenomenon of divinity. Lokenath Baba reckoned that. He felt equivalent to the smallest ant as the greatest being. As a result, hate had no place in his mind. Baba wanted us to understand that nothing should be looked down upon.

A Social System Where Love Rules

People from all strides of existence arrived at Baba’s feet for advice. They not only arrived for moral guidance but helped them with the complicated problems of daily life. Baba was deeply enthusiastic about every difficulty and recommended proper procedures. His suggestions always confirmed a blessing to both the seeker and culture at large. Baba advocated love and mutual admiration among all degrees, as well as interdependence, without exploitation of any class.

Conscious Awareness

To the question, “How can one be happy and grateful in his life?” Baba spontaneously replied, “Do anything you prefer, but do it with a sense of consciousness, with an understanding of awareness.Never do anything unconsciously.” The person who questioned, however, continued, “If you give me permission to do as I please, then what would you say if I hit somebody’s head with a stick?” Ban replied, “Do it and see the results. I asked you to execute all actions consciously. Once you become conscious and aware, you will find that your conscience will deter you from hurting anyone.” Evils in society are committed because awareness is missing. All evil actions are the outcome of unconsciousness.

Self Study

To the finder of truth and bliss, Baba gave another beneficial instruction. “If you plan to become religious, you must analyze your efforts and emotions each day before you go to sleep at night. You must evaluate the good activities and evil actions and come to a strong determination not to repeat evil actions anymore.” A seeker should try to exercise all activities in a state of insight. This is the most important “abhyasa-yoga” or spiritual practice for the prospect. Most recurring activities that flow from craving, wrath, desire, envy manifest only in a state of unawareness.

Baba back to Bengal

Baba Lokenath came back to Bengal in 1866 and started to live in Baradi, near Dhaka district (capital of Bangladesh), where he built a small hut out of mud and bamboo using his own bare hands. This but later grew to be a great ashram of baba Lokenath.  Many of his devotees and followers came there to meet him.  The land on which the ashram was built was donated by Dengue Karmakar.  Baba had saved Dengu from a jail in the past. Unlike many other thinkers and mystics of his periods, Baba liked to keep a low profile and prevented any kind of publicity. However, he would assist and cure anyone who attended him, irrespective of their caste, creed, or colour. His reputation certainly scattered far and broad, and the ashram at Baradi gradually began attracting supporters from all over the world. One day Baba Loknath sat on the hill areas of Chandra Nath in Chittagong, Bangladesh he denoted a Yogi settled under a tree in the manner for meditation. His sitting spot was restricted in the forest, unexpectedly all the forest began to burn with flame and that yogi was attacked with fire. That yogi was “Bejoy Krishna Goswami”. As the fire started to strengthen, all the creatures and animals surrounding the forest began to run here and there with crying. At this point, the yogi’s meditation stopped and he started to find ways to get out of the forest. He was  struggling to come out from that severe condition, but he failed. But at that moment,  a naked body monk with lengthy hair and beard came ahead before him and took his heavy body on his shoulder just like a child and through that fire, he began to advance to go out of it. Goshswami felt that the fire was without heat and at the same time he felt a cold sense throughout his body. When he got his awareness, he found he was laid down in a bed under a well-protected bottom of the hall. That monk vanished after protecting him from distinct death.

Later, Bejoy Krishna Goshswami went to Baradi to meet with Baba Loknath. Then baba drew the attention of Goshswami about the event that happened at the height of Chandranath and inquired by whom his life was saved. At that time, the portrayal of that great man flickered in the realm of his mind and found out that it was he who was standing before him. Then and there he (Bejoy Krishna Goshswami) leaned his head under the lotus feet of Baba Loknath. However, on coming down from the peak Chandra-Nath, Baba Loknath progressed to the village named Dawood Kandi in the district of Comilla, Bangladesh. There he was informed of a person who was penalized for a murder case, bore the name Dengu Karmaker the resident of Baradi. At that time he remained at Dawood Kandi as an adversary of decision. To be released from the case, he used to go from one steadier to another. At that period he found a tall man with long hair and a beard. His body was as white as snow and his image was a statue sat under a tree. He at once ran to that hermit and began to cry to withhold his legs and begged him to flee his life. Baba Loknath with a soft and sweet voice told him that he had no anxiety. He will be released without any reason. On the next day, he went to the court and was amazed to hear the verdict of the judge. Dengu was released from the conviction. After this, Dengu Karmakar proposed to Lokenath baba to accompany him to Baradi. Baba Loknath said he was prepared to keep his secret foot-prints on the sand of Baradi. He came to the home of Dengu Karmaker and took shelter under the aching of a boat in his house. He was a naked sage. So the residents did not like him. They often laughed at him and brought a hit upon his body. But Baba Loknath bore all hates, abuses and hits with generous forgiveness of sanity. Baba Loknath was a celibate. He was a vegetarian. He was pure in thought, body and mind throughout his life. So he got the energy of manifestation of God. Now he wished to divulge some of his metaphysical power to persuade the populace under his lotus feet. After revealing some supernatural strengths, his name and fame were scattered all over the country and abroad. Soon the hut of Dengu Karmaker transformed into a place of pilgrimage. Here we can define “Dengu Karmaker” as Bhagirath and Baba Loknath as the goddess “Ganga” who brought him to Baradi to rescue his era as well as humanity in public from thoughtlessness. Baba Loknath also would know his coming at Baradi among which one of the main works was to rescue his preceptor. However, Karmakar lives long more.

Mythical beliefs of Baba Lokenath

People do not know much about Baba Lokenath’s personal life. All his mysteries lie untold and unfold in the dark. Many stories and folklores still lie which describes the supernatural powers baba behold. People believe that Baba had lived for more than 160 years. This is a well-known example of human longevity myth. Baba stood taller than 7 feet in height and had a very thin, skinny inclination. Decades of sadhana in the Himalayas had provided him with the capacity to withstand awfully cold climates without any warm clothes. In his later years, he is also believed o have totally abandoned sleeping and would even not blink. Since he never turned anybody down, he was also recognized as the wish tree.

Death of Baba Lokenath 

Baba left for samadhi with his eyes fully open on 3 June 1890. He was encircled by his believers at his Baradi Ashram. Solacing his mourning devotees quickly before his death, Baba vowed to keep going, being available to everyone who prayed and begged for help, even after his death and always. One of his famous quotes roughly transliterates as: “Whether it is at the battle, or in the forests, or on the water; if you are ever in threat, remember me, and I shall protect you.”

Baba Lokenath proceeds to be a respected spiritual figure in India and abroad, well further than a century after his demise. After his death, the Nag Zamindar of Baradi to have the consent of Baba Loknath allotted a plot that was a Cremation Ground situated on the bank of the River Chagal Baghini in his name. In the meantime, Baba Loknath took the clothes as a common entity. He lived in Asram for about 26 years and played several extraordinary actions. During his dwelling, many people from around the world and from several religions managed to come to him. The Ashram was spun into an incredible spot of sacred pilgrimage to all factioins of people. People from different religions like Hindu, Muslim, Buddhism and Christian etc. came to baba as devotees and as an outcome, a sentiment of great friendship rose among the population on the high level of people. A society was constructed for this reason in which all the people are mingled into the perception of unity. Accordance to the bengali calender, the year of 1297 (1890) the great Maha-Yogi Baba Loknath left his earthly body. He had disclosed his desire to leave his earthly body over at that appointed day (19th Jyestha at 11:45 a.m.) to his dearest and nearest devotees. He announced during his death that the sky would be clear and sunny.  He would pierce through the beams of the sun and would enter into the world of the absolute spirit. Baba was meditating at that time and he went into a trance with his sights open. And while he was meditating, he left his physical body forever.  He was of the age of 160 when he died. He had said prior to his death -“I am eternal. After this body falls, do not think that everything will come to a stop. I will live in the hearts of all living beings in my subtle astral form. Whoever will seek my refuge, will always receive my Grace”. Baba had also asked his devotees to burn his body after his death. What he said was true. According to his direction, his dead body was burnt with sandalwood and ghee.  When his body was burning a man came from Lunglebond to Baradi. On the way, he heard Baba Loknath was no more on earth. He at once went to Baba Loknath Ashram and saw the scene in his own eyes. Then he narrated the play with Baba Loknath among the assembled devotees in the premises of the funeral cremation of Baba Loknath. When he crossed the river Brahmaputra by boat on the eastern part, he saw Baba Loknath was going to the western part of Brahmaputra by another boat and he had the opportunity to talk with him. This incident happened at the time of 12:00 A.M to 12:30 P.M. on the Dated 19th Jystha, 1297 Bangabda (1890). Now on seeing this incident he was stunned for a long time and afterwards, he admitted nothing is impossible on the part of the Mahayogi Loknath Brahmachari. On the cremation ground place, a great Samadhi temple with the collaboration of dear and near disciple Mathura Mohon Chakrabarti had been created by the subscription of the local public.

His Principles

Baba Lokenath dwelled on his teachings. He was the live incarnation of a living Buddha whose very existence generated beatings of absolute happiness and whose messages penetrated the very spirits of the seekers who appeared to learn at his lotus feet. His lasting commitments bring to glow his state of living one with the divine. The only one who has totally eliminated the separate individuality and combined into heavenly consciousness could give such strong vows to society as a whole. When we hear him talk to his followers, we see how he was the most logical spirituality that could be practised by one and all, especially by the householders.

A slight deeper emphasis on his teachings given below can wake up the latent sacred wanting in the souls of a genuine seeker of light. He spoke at times with a few uncertain words, which needed profound awareness to understand their true context. But his teaching was easy and most scientific. He made it very clear that it is not sufficient to only read the scriptures like the Bhagbath Gita and know it as wisdom. One has to nibble and absorb it to make it his own. Only those can enlighten who have understood the significance, and encountered the truth, of what one has to teach. As he was the living Gita, people from all communities found their path from the words of this great Himalayan Master.

Each Creation is extraordinary in Itself :

One day, Baba was attended by a pandit from a regional school who continued to lecture him on the scriptures. As the pandit was speaking, a crow started creating an awful noise which the pandit found unbearable. He tossed a stone to make the crow fly off. But the birds returned instantly to the exact same branch and start again making sounds. To Baba, the bird was freely portraying the magnificence of its life through its sound. When the pandit tried to drive it away the next time, Baba obstructed. “You have driven away  the crow because the noise seemed very dreadful to your ears, but your tone, too, appears to be equally awful and disturbing.”

The pandit was surprised because a crow is a crow and man is the monarch, outstanding to all creatures. To Baba, every creature is itself a representation of divinity. He felt the same about the tiniest ant as the highest being. As a conclusion, disgust had no spot in his heart. Baba expects us to understand that nobody should be looked down upon.

A Civil System Where Love Rules :

Society from all strolls of life arrived at Baba for advice and direction. They did not merely come for spiritual direction but also for help with the complicated difficulties of everyday life. Baba was deeply eager in every dilemma and recommended proper procedures. His recommendations invariably proved a blessing to both the seeker and civilization at large. Baba advocated affection and common respect among all categories, as well as interdependence, without exploitation of any class.

Conscious Understanding :

To the topic, “What is the road to a happy and peaceful life?” Baba spontaneously answered, “Do whatever you want, but do it consciously, with an understanding of awareness.” The questioner, however, proceeded, “If you give me approval to do as I want, then what would you say if I hit someone’s skull with a stick?” Baba smiled and answered back, “Do it and watch. I told you to operate all activities consciously. Once you become conscious and informed, you will learn that your conscience will deter you from hurting anyone.” The evils in the community are committed because awareness is missing. All bad activities are the outcome of unconsciousness. To seekers of reality and bliss, Baba provided another beneficial instruction. “If you plan to become spiritual, you must evaluate your activities and emotions each day before you depart to bed at night. You must evaluate the nice activities and evil actions and come to a strong determination not to enact evil activities anymore.” A seeker should try to exercise all actions in a state of awareness. This is the most significant “abhyasa-yoga” or spiritual practice for the aspirant. Most recurring activities that arise from desire, wrath, selfishness, grudge and the like axiomatic only in a state of unawareness. The terms of these preferences lie stagnant in the subconscious membranes of the mentality.

Be Angry but Do Not Become Blind with Anger:

Baba also says, “Be irritated but do not become blind with wrath.” Never enable wrath to retain you. Then it dazes you. When outrage is given available restraint, it bursts out and motives harm — not only to the individual at whom the bitterness is intended for, but also, further seriously, at all degrees of being to the mad one. Let outrage come to be aware. Step back, be an observer to anger and its agents, to what is reasonable and improper in the circumstance. The exhibit of reasonable resentment in every day being may be unavoidable. The parent criticizing a kid, the educator reprimanding the learner, may exclaim a display of resentment in defensive guidance. No one should be eaten by anger. Stay a carriage of reasonable and aware manners of anger, constantly labouring for the highest probable welfare. Then anger cannot possess or harm the sanity or physique, or impede the objectives of the spirit.

Practice What You Preach :

As a community teacher, Baba constantly pursued the adage, ‘First, process yourself; then preach.’ He frequently recited this doctrine to his devotees. It was a doctrine that he followed perfectly. For example, Baba instructed the way of desireless activity and the significance of self-help. When regional landowners illustrated the land for the formation of the ashram and suggested their intent to donate funds to create the house, Baba opposed. With the assistance of the residents, he worked on the formation of his small house, at the same time motivating everyone never to feel embarrassed to do menial work, since all work is service to the divine.

Why is Baba Lokenath worshipped 

Baba made amazing assurances in all of his vows to anyone who calls on him in a moment of problem.

Baba brought about extraordinary promises in his 160 years on the world and is a lasting existence in the beings of millions, irrespective of religious associations, all over the earth. Whoever wants his blessings and protecting mercy at a time of anguish and suffering, Baba is straight there to be a genuine companion in necessity. His limitless kindness for each one of us can be experienced by just imagining his picture and speaking to him from our heart. Just like we do with our father or mother, or somebody personal to us, we have to talk to him.  We shall all unite together and sense his presence. We should know that we are forever secure in his holy wings.

Baba Lokenath is the holy presence. He is in every particle of this universe. At the juncture of his Mahasamadhi on 2 June 1890, when the followers were moaning that he was departing from them, he gave his departure message, “Where can I leave? I am in every particle of this universe; I will only cast off this human cage but will be accessible to you as I was during my physical manifestation. Whoever will want my kindness will earn it then and therefore I am immortal.”

Baba Lokenath has taught us to stay united with everyone. We should never judge people on any basis. Every creature in this world is a creation of God. Every being has it’s own divinity. We just have to feel his soul in your own soul and follow the path that he wants us to go on. Maybe, then we can lead a happy and peaceful life

To understand Baba Lokenath, you need to understand yourself. Baba Lokenath is indivisible from your divine essence. As you soften in affection to Baba, surrender without any intention of miracles, but love him, for he independently is capable of all the affection of your spirit; you will understand that his divine beauty and endless ability are exemplifying in you unasked.

What you expect is the relentless belief in yourself. To do that, you need to clamp your belief on the actual self and not the ego-self. Baba Lokenath is your actual self. When you give your soul and heart over to Baba’s devotion and kindness, and his ancient holy lotus feet, you will discover your internal light and consciousness expand. You will win back your lost belief in your ability. Yes, till you ascertain your belief in yourself nothing optimistic will occur in your life. Baba Lokenath is willing to help you, but you need to take the first step to say, “Baba, with you beside me, I will surmount every difficulty and problems of my life and attain the goal.”

The day he arrived at me in 1976, he made me realize he is the very significance of my life. My life began to swirl around the only perception of his compassion and his will in manifestation. You, too, deserve this enlightened consciousness, for you are as significant to him as I am, or as the smallest germ on earth.

Baba Lokenath’s permanent vows will calm your heart and enhance your belief in the kindness of this amazing enlightened master. Here are three of his vows that he expands to all of us.

“No strength in paradise or earth can damage the devotees who receive protection under me, for there is no one more incredible than I who can touch you.” ~Baba Lokenath Brahmachari. Baba Lokenath is the god who walked the earth.

When the belief in identity falls, the endless being affirms itself and seeps like the continual Ganges. That is what you and I can realize from the nectarine confirmation of Baba for his pupil’s world over, irrespective of their faiths and moralities.

Ponder upon his compassionate aspect, and affirm this confirmation to your heart, saying Baba is taking care, nothing can go bad, and in his safety, all is satisfactory in life. Jai Shiva Lokenath!

“For those who with love and commitment sacrifice to me, if they are in difficulty, my heart melts. This is my kindness. And with my compassion, my energy flows out to them, exempting them from sufferings and unhappiness” ~ Baba Lokenath Brahmachari.

“Love and affection,” that is what Baba is expecting! He did not ask for penance in the peaks, relinquishing life for a monastic decree, but he asks you to attach to him through your affection and your devotion. Have you known when you are in an intense problem your prayers are filled with deepest feelings, tears, and wanting? Understand that when that occurs for God, the same thing occurs in God’s heart too. That is what Baba Lokenath is saying here, “my heart melts.” Yes, that is the only aspect that you have to do, melt his heart. Then he is yours. You will be always independent of any concerns or weaknesses. You will be replenished with mercy and praise, affection and glare.

Just close your eyes now! Wait. Sense each word echoing in your internal realm, affirm and reaffirm the truth that you are housed by God incarnate, Baba Lokenath, the living Shiva, who with a very ocean chasm of empathy and love for his children ensures us all that our resignation to his divine will can alter our lives. Every barrier can become the very rock on which we can spot our foot to soar to the second level. With him, on our side, we can become indestructible powers on earth to lead in unity and wellness, for ourselves, and all of the people.

The miracles of Baba Lokenath 

Several and yet so valuable, each in its wonderful way, is how the divine mercy of Baba Loknath manifested itself through the spectacles that he conducted for his devotees who needed his blessings. He said that all our miseries are but the outcome of the countless offends that we have committed throughout all of our prior births and only by going through such sufferings could our souls be purified and uplifted for experiencing the heavenly mercy of the supreme being. Yet, as a mother adores her child, so did Baba care for everyone, one of his followers, and could not stay insensitive to the miseries of his children.

The miracle of Radhika Mohan:- 

Radhika Mohan was a wealthy man but he was suffering from rheumatic arthritis. He was almost totally paralyzed and could barely move his body. He went through a lot of treatments but nothing could help him. He was a wealthy man so he went through the best of treatments but none of them could help him. His wife loved his husband and was completely devoted to him. So his wife came to Baba Lokenath and begged for his help. He begged Baba to cure his husband. Baba was hesitant to cure Radhika Mohan because he was an evil person. He knew that Radhika was an unfaithful husband towards his wife. He was a dishonest and disrespectful person. He had committed a lot of evil actions. But the way his wife begged to help him, Baba could not say no to her. With Baba’s grace, Radhika gradually recovered his strength and could move his body after a few days, except for his one arm that stayed paralysed. When Baba heard of this and saw the wretched face of Radhika’s wife, he lifted his hand three times and said to her, “Now go to find your husband able to move his arm.” She went to the boat where her husband was laying and to her utter satisfaction and joy, found him cured.

The miracle of the heavenly milk:- 

Umaprasanna Nag’s wife died during childbirth and he could find no one within his family to care for his baby son. He had a sister Sindhubasini, who was infertile and had not been able to reproduce. She could not help her brother in this regard. The only way was to find a paid woman to nurse the child. Sindhubasini could not approve of this recommendation. She was a follower of Baba Loknath and to him, she went in this hour of need. Baba attended to her and then said to her, “Come, sit beside me. The baby will suck your milk and you will not need any paid woman for the child.” Sindhubasini had always craved for a child at her bosom. As the divine child put his mouth to her breasts, she found to her astonishment that her breasts had become filled too full of milk. The motherless baby thus found a mother in Sindhubasini. The name of the child was Brahmaprasanna and as he grew, he became a devotee of Baba Lokenath. He built a temple in the name of Lokenath in Garia. 

The capsizing boat miracle:-

A lawyer of Dacca court, Biharilal Mukherjee, was a devotee of Baba Lokenath. Once he was travelling by boat and was in the middle of a big river. At that time a fierce thunderstorm suddenly emerged and threatened to topple the boat. The passengers quickly realised that the boat was beyond the control of the troop and started to say their last prayers. Helpless and frightened Biharilal abruptly recalled the words of Baba, “Whenever you are in problem, whether in the middle of the sea, or amid the battleground, or the deepest wilderness – think of me and I will send you to safety.” The fervent prayers of the devotee did not languish to reach the ears of Baba. At that time, Anath Bandhu Malhk was sitting near Baba at Baradi ashram. Baba said to him “O Anath! Binan is in danger and is praying to me. I must go and save him.” In the middle of the huge river, the capsizing boat gradually regained its balance and arrived at its destination safely.

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Samar Debnath, Owner of samardebnath.com.He is S.E.O. expert from India. He is done B.A. in N.S.M.V. He is also online sales and marketing expert. Ten years of experience sales and marketing in the field and also online. So far he has worked responsibly in five companies.

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