Computer Technology

Since the time that computers were first invented its users have grown rapidly. These days computers are there in every aspect of our lives, be it entertainment or work. Computer technology has improved human life considerably and has made it easier.

Computer technology has influenced our lives in various ways, be it saving time, money, and effort or by providing means of entertainment like games, music, and movies.

Since its invention, computer technology has been helmed as the most influential and successful technology because of its ability to solve our day to day problems with ease.

In today’s world, we find computer technology being used everywhere. Education sectors, health sectors, service sectors, entertainment sectors, engineering sectors, and many more. Everywhere we look, we can see the use of computer technology. Every business in the world flourishes because of the use of computers. We can easily say that the modern world is run by computer technology. It will be really difficult to enlist all the spheres where computer technology is used because it is used in almost every field of work.

Now, we will learn about the ways in which computer technology has influenced our lives.

1. Evolution of communication.

Gone are those days when the use of letters and landlines in our home were the only way to communicate with people far away from us. Computers have revolutionized communication and have changed the way people communicated. Computers have brought people closer by means of e-mail, chatting, social media, mobile phones, and video conferencing. Just two decades ago all these were a distant dream but with computer technology, we have changed that. It has saved us a lot of time, money, and effort.

If you want to talk to someone, you can send a text message or an email. You live far away from your friends and family, you can easily talk to them live using video calling. You can keep in touch with your contacts using social media. In short, the computer has brought people closer than ever.

computer technology

2. Influence of computers on education.

Computer technology has changed the way people used to educate themselves. Before the invention of computers, information was scarce, and to know about something or to learn about something our only source was to find some expert. Information was restricted. If there was a problem, finding its solution was very difficult although the solution may already be present at some other place in the world. This lack of access to knowledge prevented people from growing.

But with the use of computers, those troubled times are gone. By the use of the internet, knowledge can flow from any part of the world to the other educating a large number of people. If we want to know about anything, for example, you want to know something about history, all you have to do is hop on to google and search about the same and in an instant, you will have all the information you need.

This has changed the education system as students no longer have to keep looking for solutions. Answers to any subject can be found and information can be spread easily.

Even the libraries have gone digital. People no longer go into the libraries to find books. All they do is search for the book over the internet and read it virtually.

Computers have especially helped during the present covid 19 pandemics as all education institutions went online following social distancing and preventing the spread of the disease. Students and teachers log into their computers and conduct classes easily while being at their home.

3. Influence of computers in utility facilities.

Computer technology has made our lives easier and more comfortable. For example, it has facilitated transportation. Airlines, roadways, waterways use computers to save time and reduce travel difficulties.

Airlines use computers to operate bookings, check flight timings, and prevent accidents by making sure no two flights are on the same path at a time. In roadways, GPS has changed the way people travel. Now you can go anywhere you want without having the fear of getting lost. By using Google maps you can even know the time required to reach the location. Using Google maps you can check the ways to travel to a place either by your car or by using public transport. It will easily guide you to your destination.

Computers have also simplified security. Usage of computerized CCTV security monitoring systems has significantly decreased theft, Robbery, and crimes. Every other institution be it business or education is equipped with a computerized security system to enhance security.

4. Usage of computers in health sectors.

Computers have revolutionized health care. It has made medical operations simple and more effective by the use of computerized equipment. Medical personnel can easily access a patient’s medical history by going through files saved on computers. Also, many operations are not done manually anymore. Computer used machines are used to perform certain operations, which are more successful than manual operations.

Computerized watches like the apple watches have provided many health benefits to their users and also have saved a life by monitoring heart rate.

5. Artificial intelligence.

Day by day more and more jobs are being taken over by artificial intelligence. It has helped reduce human labor in repetitive jobs. Manufacturing units today are fully operated by artificial intelligence. No human work or supervision is needed. It is like putting in required materials on one side and receiving the assembled product on the other.

Artificial intelligence is also implemented in certain health care aspects. Time over time AI has predicted heart attacks accurately and saved lives.

Air conditioning also implies the use of AI to learn and change the room temperature according to the user. Artificial intelligence uses different algorithms to know your likes and dislikes and shows you different advertisements online in which you might be interested.

These days artificial intelligence is everywhere and it has significantly changed the way we interacted.

6. Impact on business.

Computers have benefited businesses a lot. It has helped businesses to keep track of user data, accounts, money, and other valuable information. It helps them to keep their data in check for future use. Computers help people generate charts and graphs which are valuable means to share information visually. People also tend to work from home these days and having personal computers is what has made it possible. Working for a business while not being on its premises has reduced office costs and benefited businesses significantly.

These days businesses run online and more emphasis is put on online marketing to reach consumers worldwide and reach more audiences. It is through the help of computers that all these operations are performed without any trouble.

7. Influence on entertainment.

The influence of computers has also been seen in the entertainment industry. With the current Generation liking none but science fiction movies. Computer-generated graphics has been a treat to their eyes. Graphics and animations used in science fiction movies like the Avengers are all made by the use of high-end computer technology. By using computers developers create visuals that are a treat to the eye. Movies are at times fully made by computers making computers a dominating tool in the entertainment industry.

Entertainment does not stop only with the movies. Computers have even revolutionized the way we spend our pass time. Earlier movies were the only option but now using high-end computer technology consoles and games are being created and it has changed the world entirely. People now spend hours playing games on their computers enjoying every last bit of their favorite games. It has even brought up a new sport, which is eSports.

8. In space exploration.

Computers have helped in designing the right equipment for space exploration. Computer simulated environments have helped experiment and design equipment that is fit to go into space. In space, small errors can result in huge disasters, and prevent that computers are necessary because they provide accurate results. Only with accurate test results can we carry out our space exploration in real life. Even when a spacecraft leaves for space it is automated and assisted by computers without which its exploration and mission would be a complete failure.

The use of computer technology has enabled man to set foot on the moon, send rovers to Mars, and explore different planets. Computers have helped us in discovering new planets and are constantly helping us find new planets that might sustain life.

To conclude, we can say that computers have changed and impacted our life more dramatically than we actually think. It has made our lives easier and more comfortable while also bringing people closer. It has benefited us health-wise, entertainment-wise and work-wise as well and therefore we can say that computers have revolutionized the world.