What is Googlebot?

Today we will talk about Google Bot. If we create a website then we must know about GoogleBot. Because our goal is to get our website Google Page Rank.

What is Googlebot?

GoogleBot is software that crawls and indexes websites. This means that when we publish a website, it is notified by Google. But before indexing, GoogleBot examines all the pages, posts and images on the website. Then Google indexes the website.

How GoogleBot works.

We make websites to get rank in Google. Here Bot works as a checker. We post content, images and videos on our website. GoogleBot checks the images, content and videos and then indexes our website. Another thing to know here is that there are different bots for each topic. For example, Google has Images GoogleBot for images, and a separate bot for content, and a separate bot for checking videos.

Google bot comes to our website for a period of time. Google Bot comes to our website. One of the places where it comes to our website is called crawling. It comes to our website for a specified period of time. The amount of time it takes for a website to arrive is what we call a crawling budget. GoogleBot determines the crawling budget based on the number of pages or posts on a website.

We post content on our blog or website and post videos and images. His number could be many. But not all posts may be important. Some of these posts may be more important. So since GoogleBot comes to our website for a certain period of time, we can instruct GoogleBot through robots.text that it visits and crawls and indexes our important posts.

From all the discussions, it was clear that Google Optimization also has a special role in this Google Boot. Since indexing is required to get ranking in Google Page of the website. And crawling is required for indexing because without crawling there will be no indexing.

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