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Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra

sri sri thakur anukul chandra

All human life runs on its own thoughts. I have only tried to mention some of the thoughts on which my life is based. My guru is Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra.

Repent, but remember that you no longer have to repent. God will forgive you whenever you repent of your evil deeds; And, if He forgives, you will realize that the Holy Heart has entered your heart and only then will you be humble, calm and happy.Anyone who repents and engages in such misdeeds again, will soon fall into extreme misery. Not just verbal repentance, but more obstacles to repentance. When real repentance comes, all its symptoms are manifested to a lesser extent.

Most of the misery that people suffer in the world comes from Kamini-Kanchan addiction. The farther away from these two, the better. Lord Ramakrishnadev has told everyone to be different from Kamini-Kanchan, the difference is very different. If Kam is left out of Kamini, she becomes a mother. The poison became nectar. And the mother is a mother. Not Kamini. If you give “Gi” at the end of “Mother”, you will be destroyed. Don’t be mistaken for a mother.

Everyone’s mother is the mother of the world. Every girl has to think that she is a different form of her mother. If motherhood is not established in the heart, there is no need to touch a woman – the farther away one is, the better and the better. Even better not to make his face. My “kamakrodhadi” did not go, did not go-they do not go to shout. Such actions, such thoughts, have to be practised so that there is no smell of lust-the mind etc.forgets everything. Discussions on cosmology, mathematics, chemistry, etc. are less repressive. Any discussion about Kamini-Kanchan can be addictive. It is better to stay away from all discussions.

Shyness is sorrow, and expansion is happiness. So that weakness comes in the heart, fear comes – that is the tingling of joy – and so is sorrow.It is a pity not to get what you want. Don’t ask for anything. Agree in all circumstances, what will grief do to you.Sadness is not natural to anyone,If you wish, you can drive it away. Pray to the God – “Your wish is good; I do not know what will be good for me. May your wish be fulfilled in me”.And for that you agree – you will be happy, sorrow will not touch you.Don’t be the cause of anyone’s sorrow, no one will be the cause of your sorrow.Sadness is one way, happiness is another way. The feeling of wanting or wanting is sad. You can’t ruin a thousand sorrows in the world – unless you take that feeling of deprivation out of your heart. And religion can do that.

Try to give to others as you want to get from others – it is enough to understand that everyone will love you and like you. Try to make everyone happy by yourself. You will see that everyone is trying to make you happy. Be careful! Don’t lose your independence and go to make someone happy, then your misery will have no limits.