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Samar Debnath

samar debnath

Friends, I’m starting with something. This life of ours is a game. Everything we do every day is a part of this game of life. Someone plays this game from the mind Someone plays it from the brain. We play it every day. I am saying with an example. Every day we talk to someone in need. In my language it is also a part of the game of life. Not sure if the person in front is playing with you from the heart. But the funny thing is that God has two buttons. One for the winner and the other for the loser. God has two buttons for the person who plays from the brain. One is the win button and the other is the defeat button. Because the person is playing from the brain. That means he can win or lose. For the one who is playing from the mind, God has only one button. That is the win button. That means he will win because he is playing from the heart. Doing, saying and doing are the three things that make up our lives.