Website planning Designing & Creation

Website planning Designing

How to choose a Domain name?

If you create a website or blog then you will need a name. And you have to spend money to buy this name. We must think while spending money. Because money is very important in human life. Now you spend one rupee and spend more money. Money is money.

What we need to consider when selecting a domain name is the topic of our discussion today. It’s not like you create a blog or a site, you buy a domain. First you need to think about the purpose of your blog or site.

For example, if your purpose is school then you will take the domain in the name of the school. And if your purpose is personal then you will take the domain in your own name. That’s normal. But when you think of creating a blog, you have to think a little. If your blog is about technology then you can keep tech with your domain name. If your blog is about agriculture then you can use the word agriculture before and after your domain name.

You have no purpose. Then first look at what people are searching for. If your domain name matches what people are searching for, then so be it. If you have a business then your domain name will be business-related. This means that you need to select the domain name of the category in which your purpose matches.

Domain & Hosting

All the names you search on the internet have an address. Which we call web address. For example, we search Here Facebook is a domain. I can see what the domain really is in terms of our real life. Then more issues can be clearly understood.

In real life, we say our name and address. Again we say our home address. That means we have an address. And we have an area of address that we say. Hey, people will get us if they go to the address given to us. That means my address, my name. This is the domain in the language of the Internet. Domains you can buy from any website. There are many companies that sell domains.

You bought the domain. So you generate the address. Now he needs a place. In real life, we need such a place. That means we stay in a place at the address. Which is also a measure. Just like the world of internet is very big. You have to buy space there too. And in the language of the internet. It is called hosting.

There are many sites that sell hosting. From where you can buy hosting for your domain. It should be noted here that all the sites that sell domains are hosting and selling. You can buy Domain and Host from the same site together.

The architecture of the website(Website planning designing)

You’ve taken the domain, you’ve taken the hosting, now you need to build. As in real life, if someone goes to your address and sees that nothing has been made there, then whoever goes to your address will go there and see nothing. Then you have to build a house on your internet just like you build a beautiful house at your address, that is, you have to build the domain and hosting that you have bought. What we call in the language of the internet is website creation.

Just as in real life we have craftsmen to build houses. So in the world of internet and there are website developers who create our websites through coding systems. They have to spend money on what they design. But without that, if you have WordPress with any theme. With this, you can start your website for free. It depends on Website planning designing.

Type of website

Websites are usually of two types. Static website and dynamic website. A static website is a website in which the user cannot do any activity. And the website in which the user can do any kind of activity is called dynamic website. There are some websites like this where you can only see the information. You cannot make any changes. Where all users provide the same information for one and a half. We call it a static website. Again, there are websites where you can save any type of information called a dynamic website. For example, if you create your own profile on a website. It is called a dynamic website.

Website planning designing is very important for a blog or website. This is what we understood from the discussion. If you want to create a website or blog, you need to think about website planning designing. Because if you don’t have the right plan. You can never build a good website.